Integrated Product Packaging for
a conference in China
Client: IQ Systems
Year: 2018
Product: Digital and printed products
Our Task
To start working in overseas markets, the IQDQ team decided to communicate with potential partners and investors at an international conference in Shanghai. We had to design and create all marketing materials for the company's business packaging practically from scratch
We developed the IQDQ corporate identity, the logo, the colour palette and the unique style. Based on the above, we created presentations about the company and its products, printed handouts, produced an animated explanatory video and combined it all on a one-page website created in order to attract customers during this event

What was done
Firstly, the company contacted us for a presentation. To obtain all the information we needed, we had to conduct a thorough research. We carefully researched the market, studied more than 20 scientific papers, analysed the work of direct and indirect competitors and examined international experience. At the same time, we learnt the ways client's business is done— we held more than 20 hours of interviews with the founders and top management
scientific papers
meeting hours
Visual Style
Product Presentation
Case Packing
In order to make the brand recognizable from its very first day, it was necessary to create a visually appealing and memorable logo for it
Search for a visual solution
We paid special attention to the colour scheme. It was designed to emphasize the innovative nature of IQDQ and to make the product stand out from the competition. We developed several possible options and, after a discussion with the client, agreed on a contrasting blue-green combination
The presentation consists of three key sections. In the first one we speak about working with big data. In the second one we explain how IQDQ products work. In the third we emphasize the benefits of the company and propose possible forms of cooperation. The information was presented in a structured manner and was divided into 16 visual slides
Video creation
The IQDQ solution automatically checks the accuracy of addresses in the database - this solves the problems that nearly all workers in logistics face and significantly reduces financial and time losses. The objective of the video is to speak about the "mission to save time and money". We developed a script that illustrated the advantages of the product using visual metaphors and created a detailed storyboard and and filmed a video as a result
Printed materials
At the conference in Shanghai the company needed not only to introduce themselves to the participants, but to be remembered after the conference. Using the logo and the new visual style, we made business cards and handouts for the guests
Website as a complete solution
The finishing touch was the IQDQ landing page. We used the developed corporate style and logo and posted a video and a presentation for downloading. The client presented this website during networking events in Shanghai
Our customer presented the IQDQ address management tool during a conference in Shanghai, gained interest from the first customers and obtained invaluable experience, as a result of which they were able to refine the company's strategy in order to enter the international market
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