Investor Day Presentation for a tech giant in Eastern Europe
Year: 2018
Product: Presentation Helpdesk
Client: Qiwi
Our Task
To prepare a visual accompaniment to the presentation delivered by Qiwi top managers during the company's first Investor Day in London
In order to speak to investors about financial performance, products and prospects for company growth in a clear way, we created a well-structured presentation with animation and embedded videos
What was done
Potential investors were not familiar to Qiwi. It was necessary to talk about the company in an accessible and informative way, thus presenting company image as modern and successful. So, we paid attention to both design and content of each slide

Work on the structure
The client provided us with quite a diverse pack of more than a hundred slides. We analysed all information in order to integrate it into a unified and clear layout. We mainly focused on data that was most important to convey to investors
Three in one
The main challenge was the requirement to present different company projects in the same presentation: Sovest, Tochka and Rocketbank. We developed a harmonious style in Qiwi's own orange colours and three individual styles within the presentation in order to emphasize the unique nature and self-sufficiency of each project
3 products
The digital bank Tochka works with small and medium-sized businesses. The use of gentle blue and pink colours in the presentation was dictated by the company brand book
Rocketbank positions itself as a bank for millennials - its design contains bold visual images. We managed to soften them and harmoniously incorporate them into a presentation with a rather discrete style

The Sovest card
Sovest card needed to be presented as a profitable tool for partner banks, so we used an elegant black and white colour scheme with a splash of fresh green
We successfully animated key slides. The dynamic images revived the presentation, highlighted the important points and helped to maintain the attention of the audience during the whole presentation
With the help of this presentation Qiwi was able to convey the overall image of the company to potential investors and gain their trust. The speakers talked about the strategy of the company — it's desire to develop innovation and strengthen the ecosystem of services

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